Human Rights Series Discrimination in Serbia - practice and challenges

As of adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia in 2006 and adoption of the new Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination of 2009, there seems to have been numerous texts and publications about the principle of equality and prohibition of discrimination. The institution of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality has been established and it decides on the complaints of the citizens every day, leads strategic litigations and submits annual reports to the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and the public.

Human Rights Series anual report

Writing an editorial for YUCOM’s Annual Report has just become my delightful habit, and I already need to hand it over. From the first Annual Report that we had presented in 2013, our report has been the reason to line up, to gather at the end of the year and create topics overview that preoccupied us, as well as a list of the activities we performed.

Human Rights Series fw

With the support of the OSCE Mission to Serbia, the Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights – YUCOM conducted a survey which aimed at bringing together the available data and relevant information related to the needs of young people and members of minority ethnic communities in order to empower the National Councils of National Minorities with defined needs and problems encountered by young people.

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