0 Human Rights and Democracy Violation Early Warning Weekly Newsletter No. 33

At a request of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC), the Government of Serbia withdrew on Wednesday, Mar. 4, 2009 the Draft Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination (hereinafter: Anti-Discrimination Law) from the parliamentary procedure.

Apart from the fact that it belongs to the legislative package to enable Serbia’s inclusion into the “white Schengen list” and enable its citizens visa-free travel to EU and some other European countries, the Law represents one of the pieces of legislation most essential for the further development of democracy and respect, uphold and protection of human and minority rights, change in the value system and acceptance of equality as a condition for the functionality of the system. This Law contributes to the harmonization of Serbian legislation with the standards enshrined in numerous international instruments and the European Convention on Human Rights

0 Human Rights and Democracy Violation Early Warning Weekly Newsletter No. 32

The Hague Tribunal Verdict for Top Political, Military and Police Leaders’ Crimes in Kosovo and Reactions in Serbia

The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia’s first verdict ever to deal with crimes committed in Kosovo, which acquitted former President of Serbia Milan Milutinović of all charges, sentenced former FRY Deputy Prime Minister Nikola Šainović, Commander of Army of Yugoslavia’s (VJ) 3rd Corps Nebojša Pavković and Police General Sreten Lukić to 22, whereas former General Staff Chief Dragoljub Ojdanić and VJ General Vladimir Lazarević received 15 years’ imprisonment each, caused much turmoil in political circles and the media and general public alike.

0 Human Rights and Democracy Violation Early Warning Weekly Newsletter No. 31-Hate Speech No. 4

Hate Speech and Proclamation of the Srebrenica Memorial Day by the European Parliament

On January 15, the European Parliament in Strasbourg, with 556 votes in favor and 9 against, adopted the resolution which officially proclaimed July 11th Day of Commemoration of the Srebrenica Massacre Victims (LINK). The Resolution was adopted following a motion by Jelko Kacin, Slovenian MEP and rapporteur for Serbia. The text of the Resolution: „With this resolution, the EP calls on the European Commission and the Council to commemorate appropriately the anniversary of the Srebrenica-Potočari act of genocide and to call on all the countries of the western Balkans countries to also mark July 11th as the date of commemoration of the Srebrenica genocide”, adding that the crime in Srebrenica was the biggest war crime in Europe after World War II, which took the life of 8,000 men and that the persons most responsible were Ratko Mladić, Radislav Krstić and Radovan Karadžić.