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Projects 7 standarda

Project Title: Enabling human rights defendors to promote and control the seven standards of public life
Project duration: February 2011 – October 2011
Donor: Team for Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction, Cabinet of vicepresident of the Government for European integrations, donations of the Swiss Government and The Kingdom of Norway

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Scope of legal aid provided by the YUCOM Legal Aid Office

In principle, the scope of legal aid provided by YUCOM Legal Aid is defined according to subjective criteria by determining target groups and the subject that which performs the violation, and according to objective criteria related to the field in which the legal aid is given.

Other reports jud sys

Reports produced in previous years by EU and others, related to the stage of Serbian Judiciary is mainly pointing out considerable duration and significant backlog of cases, lack of possibilities to enforce court judgments, and corruption.

YUCOMs legal aid came to similar conclusions based on cases led before Serbian courts and before ECHR

YUCOM EWS Newsletter No 52

Ruzica Banda, Human Rights Officer at OSCE Mission to Serbia, reminded that OSCE recognizes protection and respect of human rights as the core issue of security, therefore it acknowledges the need for creating special mechanism for addressing issues of human rights defenders within OSCE, as it was created in 2007, within ODIHR, Warsaw…

YUCOM EWS Newsletter No 51

Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights – YUCOM, OSCE and UN OHCHR organized a human rights defenders meeting at the OSCE offices in Novi Pazar. Meeting was attended by 12 representatives of human rights defenders from Novi Pazar, Priboj, Prijepolje and Tutin as well as representatives of Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, OSCE, UN OHCHR and YUCOM


A meeting of human rights defenders was held in Nis, on July 7th 2010, organized by UNOHCHR, OCSE and YUCOM. The meeting was attended by epresentatives of the Nis Human Rights Center, the Niš Human Rights Committee, Network of Committees for Human Rights in Serbia – CHRIS, Committee for Human Rights from Leskovac, Women in Action from Velika Plana, Women for Peace and the Shelter for Women and Children Victims of Family Violence.


The annual survey by the Marketing Workshop, a student research group at the University of Belgrade School of Economics, has been published, with interesting some incites. The survey has been conducted annually since 2004, tracking student’s perspectives about the university, the education system and wider social issues. The 2010 survey was carried out between April 26th and 29th on a sample of 1500 students of all Belgrade university departments and schools.

Projects crd

Project: Litigation of Cases related to Human Rights and Protection of Human Rights Defenders
Duration: April 2013 – December 2013
Donor: The project is supported by Civil Rights Defenders.
About the project: The project aims to address the need of citizens and human rights NGOs for free and professional legal aid in cases of discrimination and HR violation reported to them and in cases against HR Defenders. Through court litigation of 10-15 cases the project tested the mechanisms provided by Serbian legislation and in the set of laws on discrimination in specific strategic litigation of court cases and thus raised awareness of human rights violations of selected vulnerable groups: Roma, persons with disabilities, LGBT, women, HIV positive, minorities.


Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights (YUCOM) and Helsinki Committee for Human Rifgts in Serbia (HOPS) filed with the District Attorney (Prosecutor) in Belgrade April 1, 2009 a lawsuit against Dobrica Ćosić1 , charging him with inciting ethnic, racial and religious hatred and intolerance, as stipulated by §317, para. 1, as well as by §387, para. 3 of the Penal Code of the Republic of Serbia, citing „Racial and other discrimination“, since in his book „The Time of Serpents – Writer’s Notes 1999-2000“ Dobrica Ćosić wrote about the Albanian people, inter alia

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