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Access to Justice in Serbia isn’t guaranteed for poor and marginalized citizens due to fragmentary and poorly developed system of free legal aid. The Law on Free Legal Aid still hasn’t been passed, although Serbia is bind to pass such a law by the Constitution and strategic documents brought in the last ten years.

When we speak about Access to Justice that is guaranteed by the European Convention of Human Rights and the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, the majority of people in Serbia usually isn’t even aware of their rights or doesn’t have enough resources to finance access to justice, especially due to the fact of non existence of such law that would regulate free legal aid as also due to the low standards of life insufficient to enable hiring lawyers or legal advisors.

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In democratic societies, the possibility of effective legal protection of violated or endangered rights is a basic condition for the maintenance of Rule of Law. One of the instruments for exercising the right to access to justice and respecting the standards for a fair trial is the right to legal assistance. According to Article 67 of the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia (hereinafter: the Constitution), the right to legal assistance under the conditions specified by law is guaranteed to everyone.

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Lawyers Committee for Human Rights – YUCOM is conducting a regional project under the auspices of the Balkan Regional Network for the Rule of Law (BRRLN) in cooperation with the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Macedonia, Tirana Legal Aid Society (TLAS) from Albania, Balkans Policy Research Group (BPRG) from Kosovo and the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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The Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination was adopted in 2009. It is estimated that during eight years of implementation, around 150 cases were initiated before Serbian courts. The analysis presented here is based on representative sample of 87 cases, gathered primarily from legal service of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality and the civil society organisation Lawyers Committee for Human Rights (JUKOM) from Belgrade.