YUCOM held a meeting titled ”Role of the Institution of Protector of Citizens of Local Self-Government Unit“ in Kragujevac

On Wednesday, October 16, 2019, the Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights, gathered local ombudspersons in Kragujevac, as part of the project ”Protector of Citizens in the Context of European Integration“,  supported by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany. The aim of the meeting was to share experiences related to the availability of information concerning the work of the Institution of the Protector of Citizens and local ombudspersons through a joint discussion.


Serbia is Planning Dangerous Changes to Criminal Code

While the debate on changes to the penal code focuses on the emotive issue of life sentences for child killers, the authorities are busy smuggling in a raft of other changes that will seriously limit the liberty of Serbia’s courts.

Press releases

Public warning to the State Prosecutorial Council, the Republic Public Prosecutor and the High Judicial Council: Stop state capture in the judiciary

Civil society organizations are calling on the State Prosecutors’ Council, the Republic Public Prosecutor and the HJC to do their work and stop further falling apart of institutions through the tabloids.

The actions of the Republic Public Prosecutor, based solely on the writing of the tabloid, without any verification, indicate a lack of confidence in the institution and in the members of the institution he is in charge of.


The Protector of Citizens in the Context of EU Integrations

The main goal of the project is to improve the efficiency of institutions and to increase the independence of the Ombudsman, which would facilitate citizens’ access to information related to the Ombudsman’s work, as well as equal access to justice.