Call for evaluation consultants: Final project evaluation

The Balkan Policy Research Group (BPRG) and Kosovo – Serbia Advocacy Policy Group (KSPAG) is seeking the services of an external consultant(s) for the final evaluation of the “Promoting and Communicating Benefits of the Kosovo-Serbia EU Facilitated Dialogue” project funded by the European Union.


Serbia is Planning Dangerous Changes to Criminal Code

While the debate on changes to the penal code focuses on the emotive issue of life sentences for child killers, the authorities are busy smuggling in a raft of other changes that will seriously limit the liberty of Serbia’s courts.

Press releases

Stop Using Public Resources to Deny Genocide

Human Rights House once again warns the public about the dangers of Vojislav Seselj’s political actions and ongoing disturbing rhetoric about the 1990s, which recently resulted in a physical attack against civil society activists. Activists who have protested the convicted war criminal’s promotion of his book denying the Srebrenica genocide must be protected from physical attacks. Their protests are especially important as they are objecting to the illicit use of public resources to promote war criminals.



The Protector of Citizens in the Context of EU Integrations

The main goal of the project is to improve the efficiency of institutions and to increase the independence of the Ombudsman, which would facilitate citizens’ access to information related to the Ombudsman’s work, as well as equal access to justice.