Golubović: The Government Is Trying to Label Us as the ‘Usual Critics’

Developed, democratic countries, where media freedom exists, don’t have media strategies. The fact that there are problems in Serbia today when it comes to introducing the Media strategy also speaks to the fact that a big change is necessary, the President of the Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights, Katarina Golubovic, pointed out.


Serbian Prosecution Report Reveals War Crimes Case Failings

A report from Serbia’s War Crimes Prosecutor’s Office reveals that over the past two years, it has mainly focused on smaller-scale crimes that were not committed by high-ranking officials, contrary to what the Belgrade authorities promised the EU.

Press releases

Press release of the House of Human Rights and Democracy regarding the conduct of the police against the demonstrators

The House of Human Rights and Democracy condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the actions of Belgrade police during their securing of the “1 of 5 million” rallies on Saturday and Sunday. Preventing disorder and protecting people and property are the primary tasks of police when it comes to securing public assemblies. Their inadequate assessment of the predictable security risk posed by protesters entering the RTS building, as well as the lack of a timely reaction, contributed to the escalation of violence. Therefore, the subsequent use of force by the police, which participants of the rally have been recorded and published, can be deemed disproportionate.


Constituencies for Judicial Reform in Serbia

The overall objective of the USAID supported „Constituencies for Judicial Reform in Serbia“ project, is to strengthen citizens’ confidence in the work of judicial institutions in the Republic of Serbia by improving communication between the citizens and the judiciary.

The Project is implemented by a coalition of 12 organizations engaged in human rights and the development of democracy, as well as professional judicial associations.